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I want to sell my vehicle, what do I need to consider with the HYMER Connect app?

What to consider when selling a vehicle with the HYMER Connect app

When a vehicle is sold, the change of ownership must also be noted in the customer data of the smartphone app. The new owner must also receive the access data for the smartphone app in the same way as the keys are handed over to the buyer.
Please carry out the following steps:

1. the previous main user decouples their account from the vehicle. You can see how you can decouple your vehicle here: Disconnect the HYMER Connect app
This means that the customer account of the main user is still available, but the vehicle can no longer be controlled. At the same time, all guest accesses created are also decoupled.

2. the previous main user hands over the original access data for registration (QR code) to the buyer.

3. the new owner registers in the HYMER Connect app and links the account to the vehicle. You can find all the information here: Connect HYMER Connect app

Have you bought a (used) vehicle and can't connect to the HYMER Connect app and your vehicle?

  • In the event of a fault, as the new owner you can identify yourself to Aftersales Service with a copy of the vehicle licence and an ID document and request new access data
  • Aftersales Service decouples the previously active user accounts from the vehicle (main user and all guest users).
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