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HYMER hook-in elements for the multifunctional wall

When space and function merge - hook-in elements for the multifunctional wall from HYMER Original Parts

Our multifunctional wall opens up many design options for you and combines optimum storage of a wide range of utensils with stylish design. From herb pots and spice racks to tray holders and universal shelves, a wide range of accessories can be hung on the wall. In addition to their practical use, the hanging elements offer you the opportunity to individualise your leisure vehicle!

Tablet holder (item no. 3444590)

The tablet holder allows you to display recipes while cooking as well as enjoy a film in the evening.


Universal tray (item no. 3416002)

The universal tray is versatile and offers additional storage space for small items that need to be stowed in the vehicle.

Herb pot (item no. 3415981)

Even when travelling, fresh herbs refine every dish and provide that special freshness kick. That's why you now have the option of harvesting kitchen herbs such as basil or oregano yourself at any time in the pot specially designed for kitchen herbs.

Spice rack (item no. 3444598)

An eye-catcher and at the same time indispensable for the perfect flavour experience - the spice rack is perfect for herbs and spices and blends perfectly into the interior of the vehicle thanks to its appearance.

For more information on the multifunctional wall and the hanging elements, visit www.hymer-original-zubehö or contact your local HYMER dealer.

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