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There is no gas available after changing the cylinder. What can I do?

Have you changed your gas bottles and now have no gas supply? 

Please check the following possible error causes:

  1. Did you make sure to open the new gas bottle after inserting it?
  2. Have you deleted the fault memory on your Truma control panel in the entrance area of the vehicle?
    If no, you will find instructions on how to delete the memory yourself on page 8 of the Truma CP+ operating instructions.
  3. Has the crash protection unit (CPU) / crash sensor been triggered?
  4. Is the shut-off tap of the tapping points also set to open?Tip: If everything is working properly, the switch is green. You will find this switch in the kitchen area. If the CPU was triggered due to a shock or for any other reason, the switch is red or off.

Your dealer will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. You can find an overview of all HYMER dealers easily and conveniently in our dealer search.

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