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HYMER insulation and tarpaulins

Whether for winter camping in a snow-covered landscape or hibernating your vehicle - it is particularly important to protect your vehicle against the cold in winter. We offer the right solutions for precisely this.

Perfectly matched to your vehicle series, we offer a variety of different insulations for the windscreen, rear or sleeping roof of your vehicle to ensure optimum protection. The insulating mats are of particularly high quality and are characterised by user-friendly installation.

In camper vans, the rear doors can be protected by customised foam insulation that fits snugly against the outer contours of the vehicle, preventing the cold from penetrating. The insulation can be folded upwards to allow access to the lower rear area despite the insulation being fitted.

We also offer the perfect solution for insulating the sleeping roof so that you can enjoy a good night's sleep protected from the cold. The sandwich insulation noticeably protects the sleeping roof from the cold. The front element can be opened at any time for better ventilation and brightness.

We also offer a winter tarpaulin for the Eriba Touring, which can be fitted in just a few minutes and is perfectly adapted to the size of the caravan. It is made of a very light, breathable material and is also highly tear-resistant.

For more information on the various insulations and tarpaulins, visit www.hymer-original-zubehö or contact your local HYMER dealer.

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