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How long can I leave water in the tank?

Fresh water is essential when traveling in a motorhome. However, over time, microorganisms can multiply in the water tank when camping. The drinking water is then no longer safe. But how quickly does this happen? HYMER clarifies.

How long does tap water last? Rules of thumb vary

There is no general rule as to how long fresh water will last in your RV tank or in canisters. This is because durability is influenced by several factors. These are:

  • The environment: Contact with light and heat shortens shelf life.
  • The water source: River or rain water should only be used on the same day.
  • The travel destination: The quality of drinking water is not equally good everywhere, which is why its shelf life may be limited.

If you travel in the summer, the water tank in the motorhome is automatically exposed to a warmer environment. Clean fresh water from a safe source still lasts a good three days without needing additional treatment.

Important: The durability and safety of your drinking water also depends on the hygiene status of the RV tank and the filling point.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse the fresh water tank in the motorhome regularly. We'll show you how best to do this in the article Cleaning the water system on your HYMER vehicle and in our guide on cleaning the motorhome.

At filling points, only use clean taps and not hoses that may have lain unused in the sun for a long time. Here it is advisable to let fresh water run until it is cool and only then fill the tank.

Ways to preserve tap water

In many cases, you can leave clean water in the clean tank for around three days without having to worry about unpleasant consequences.

If there are any changes in taste, smell or appearance, be sure to dispose of the water early.

You can make water last longer in your motorhome using various tools. Water preservatives are available in liquid form or as tablets. Some campers also use a silver ball or silver net in the water tank.

In any case, find out in advance about the respective means, their effectiveness and their suitability for the planned purpose.

A water filter can also be very useful. At HYMER you will find the clearliQ travel, which we provide detailed information about in a separate article .

Conclusion: Water in the motorhome tank does not always spoil quickly

How long the water in the RV water tank stays fresh is an individual question that can only be roughly answered. However, it is recommended that you always drain the water when you are not using your motorhome.

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