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My satellite system no longer works. What can I do?

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Please start the engine of your motorhome; the satellite system should retract itself a few seconds later due to a safety shutdown.

If this is not successful, reset the satellite system by turning off the power to the vehicle. To do this, please switch off the control panel above the entrance door, disconnect the 230 V plug (if plugged in) from the power supply and then set the battery disconnect switch on the electrical block (EBL) to OFF. Reverse the whole thing after about 15 minutes and try to retract the satellite system using the control unit.

If the satellite system still does not retract, you must manually remove the articulated arm including the parabolic mirror using the two screws on the joint and stow it safely in the rear garage of the vehicle and then go to the nearest Hymer dealer who can analyze and correct the problem on site .

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