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How do I set up guest access to the HYMER Connect app?

1. Please download the app and read the privacy policy and the end user licence agreement. To be able to use the app, please agree to these.
You can read, download or email the documents by clicking on "Privacy Policy" and "End User Licence Agreement". Use the globe symbol to select the language.

2. you don't have a HYMER account yet?

In the login window, please click on "Register" (below).
A window will then open in which you can "Register".
In the first step, you will be asked to enter your e-mail address.

Do you already have a HYMER account?

You can log in directly in the "Login" window with your login details. Are you also already connected to your vehicle as the main user? You will find all the information relevant to you from point 10 onwards.

3. please enter your details (first name, surname, date of birth, etc.) and read the terms of use. To accept the terms of use, tick the "Terms of use" box.

5.png 6.png

4. after completing the registration you will receive an e-mail.

Please click on "Confirm registration". Please also check your spam folder if necessary.

Important: This email must be opened on the device on which you have installed the HYMER Connect app.

You will now be redirected back to the app and can set your password here. You can now log in to the HYMER Connect app with your newly created account.


You can also find these steps summarised again here in a video: Connecting the HYMER Connect app

5. click on the "Connect to vehicle" button to scan the QR code. You will find the QR code in the documents for your vehicle.

6. to be able to scan the QR code, you must authorise the app to access the camera. Please authorise the app, otherwise your vehicle cannot be connected to the app.

7. click on the "Connect to vehicle" button
8. click on the "Connect" button on the touch panel - you will find this in your motorhome above the body door.

9. you will now see the vehicle view on the touch panel.


10. now switch back to the app.
Select the "Vehicle" tab (bottom) and then click on the cogwheel (top right).

11. The "My vehicle" window will appear, please select the "Guest accesses" item.

12. then click on "Set up guest accesses". Here you can now select from the categories "Family", "Friends" and "Others".

13. you can now enter a name for the guest account. You also have the option of adding an expiry date to the guest account. This allows you to limit the usage time of the guest account.

14. Finally, the newly created guest access must be scanned in the app by the guest user.

Important: The guest access can only be scanned by another HYMER account. Only the vehicle's own QR code can be scanned with the same access data as the main user. If you do this, you are also a main user.

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