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What do I need to know about awnings?

The awning: probably the most important accessory for the motorhome or camper van. We have summarized the most important information about awnings for you here. 

Assembly and dismantling of the awning

Ideally, there will be two people when you set up the awning. To begin, crank the awning out until you can remove the support feet from the front profile. Then push the support feet apart so that they touch the floor and lock the support feet. You can then extend the awning further. Don't forget to move the support feet accordingly while extending the awning. Lower a support leg to ensure water drainage. This will prevent damage to the cloth caused by large amounts of water accumulating. Then attach the tension arm.

The dismantling then proceeds exactly the other way round. Loosen the tension arm and begin to retract the awning. Then attach the support feet to the front profile and retract the awning completely.

If you use a product to tension the awning, attach it after setting up the awning and remove it before retracting the awning.

You can find many videos on how to properly assemble and dismantle the awning from the manufacturer of your awning or on YouTube. You can also take a look at the awning's operating instructions at any time.

Using the awning in rain and wind

Basically, the awning on your motorhome serves as sun protection. However, it can still be used even in light rain. However, the following applies: Storms can cause damage to the awning and vehicle. To prevent this, we have put together a few tips for you:

  • You should retract the awning in strong/stormy winds, snowfall, heavy rain or hail 
  • If you place one support leg lower than the other, this will allow water to drain away from the awning more easily and you will avoid damage to the awning fabric
  • Lock the tension arms and support feet properly
  • Installing a guy set for awnings provides additional protection against damage to the awning

Care and cleaning

You can find a checklist for cleaning your motorhome here. We already have some cleaning recommendations for the awning for you here: 

  • If possible, you should not roll up the awning fabric while it is wet. You don't have the opportunity to dry the awning before departure? Please extend the awning as soon as possible and allow the awning fabric to dry completely to avoid mold formation
  • Only clean the awning fabric with water or PVC cleaner
  • Treat the hinge connections between the articulated arms and the front profile regularly with silicone spray


  • Did you know that you can retrofit an awning? You can obtain information at any time from your dealer or from HYMER Original Accessories. Please pay attention to the payload here!
  • Do not extend the awning directly under a tree to avoid resin stains on the awning fabric
  • With retrofit kits for the awnings you can transform your awning into an awning. You can find the corresponding sets from your dealer or the awning manufacturers.

If in doubt, please consult the operating instructions for your awning.

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