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The lighting is no longer working properly. What can I do?

Is the lighting in your HYMER motorhome or camper van no longer working as usual? Not all the lights are on?

Please check the following causes:

  1. Is the bulb defective?
  2. Are the corresponding fuses intact?

If you have identified a defective bulb as the cause, you can replace it. Please pay attention to the volt and watt specifications and replace the bulb with a suitable one.

If the fuse is defective you can replace the fuse.
Please refer to your operating instructions for the exact position of the fuse. You will also find instructions on how to replace the fuses in your operating instructions.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your sales partner. You can find an overview of all HYMER dealers easily and conveniently in our dealer search.

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