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My step doesn't work. What can I do?

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Is the step on your HYMER vehicle not working?

Please check the following:

Please press the switch on the step. Is a buzzing of the step motor detectable?


No buzzing can be detected:

There is no audible buzzing from the motor of the step when the switch is activated, and there is also no light in the vehicle.
Please check the fuse, described as "step", on the EBL. Please refer to your operating instructions for the exact position.Note: If the light in the vehicle works, it is highly likely that the motor of the step is defective. The motor must be replaced. Please contact a HYMER dealer for more information. You can find your nearest dealer easily and conveniently using the dealer search.


A humming sound can be detected:

If this is the case and the step still does not move, a broken shaft may be the cause. This happens, for example, if the step is not fully extended and then stepped on. To ensure an accident-free journey, carefully push the step back into its original position by hand and secure it using cable ties or adhesive tape.
Please contact a HYMER dealer for repairs.

Your dealer will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. You can find an overview of all HYMER dealers easily and conveniently in our dealer search.

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