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The SAT system is not receiving a signal. What can I do to ensure that it works properly?

Do you have problems with the reception of your SAT system?

Please check the following options:

1. are you unable to receive a signal?
Make sure that there are no obstacles in front of the satellite system and that it is orientated towards the south with a direct line of sight to the satellite.

2. is the screen black when you switch on the receiver and the TV screen?
You may have selected the wrong satellite. You can find out which satellite is best in your country using the search function on your smartphone.

Tip: The SAT system cannot be switched on if the vehicle's motor is running, the remote control batteries are flat or the fuse on the supply cable is damaged. The fuse is located behind the receiver.

Your dealer will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. You can find an overview of all HYMER dealers easily and conveniently in our dealer search.

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